Next-Level Enterprise Mobility: Embracing the Synergy of 5G and AI

5G 結合 AI 應用:開啟企業流動通訊協作新紀元_Steve

Along with the digital transformation trend, remote working and collaboration have become the new norm. A reliable mobile communication service is one of the keys to elevating corporates’ business operations. Unsuitable network speed, communication channels, and cybersecurity may affect internal communication or brand image. As a result, it is crucial to select the proper communication tools or platforms. HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O offers smart mobile communications and collaboration solutions to address corporates’ business needs. With a fast and reliable 5G connectivity, the solutions enable real-time communication, document sharing and collaboration. AI tools are also introduced to meet the intelligent application needs arising from the digital transformation process.

Creating Modern Workplace with 5G Connected AI Applications

The adoption of both 5G and AI technologies contributes to driving technology advancement and innovation. The use of AI has been a hot topic in recent years, enterprises have gradually caught up with this advancement trend by introducing AI into their operations, creating a new dynamic element for digitalisation. AI applications involve extensive data processing and analysis, while 5G possesses characteristics of ultra-high speed and high capacity, enabling simultaneous connections to multiple devices and providing stable data transmission. Leveraging 5G to support real-time seamless application of AI tools, a more efficient and intelligent remote working mode can be achieved. HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O provides various AI solutions that help enhance business productivity. For instance, enterprises can use Copilot AI to automate daily operational tasks, track work progress and distribute business tasks. Enterprise GPT for internal data queries provides immediate information and suggestions to employees from different departments, improving overall productivity. Enterprise GPT also features strict security measures, such as data isolation, encrypted transmission and storage, and user identity authentication, to safeguard commercially sensitive information. Customised training for GPT can also be conducted based on specific business needs, enabling the AI assistant to provide recommendations that are more tailored to the business requirements.

HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O also provides a range of AI-powered mobile devices for enterprises. These devices are equipped with intelligent features such as real-time translation, intelligent text/image recognition and generation, and automatic document summarisation, enhancing corporate employees’ working efficiency and improving overall productivity.

Creating Modern Workplace with 5G Connected AI Applications
HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O is dedicated to innovating AI solutions that harness the power of 5G to unlock tremendous potential. These solutions empower corporate employees to flexibly apply intelligent technologies and enhance overall productivity.

Intelligent Network Defence: Safeguarding Mobile Communication Security

During mobile communication and collaboration, employees often need to process and transmit a large amount of data. Without adequate/sufficient network security measures, businesses may face risks such as data breaches, virus attacks, or malware threats. Therefore, it is necessary to implement appropriate measures to protect against network security threats while promoting mobile communications and collaboration. Through AI and machine learning, 1O1O SafetyNet guards users from endless malware and phishing attacks while surfing the web via mobile networks, protecting the cybersecurity of corporate users’ data.

Intelligent Network Defence: Safeguarding Mobile Communication Security
To protect the security of corporate mobile communications and business data, 1O1O SafetyNet adopts AI technologies to protect corporate users from threats caused by malware and cyberattacks on its network.

5.5G Technology: Driving Continuous Digital Transformation

HKT actively fosters the application of faster, more stable, and precise 5.5G network connectivity, aiming to enhance enterprise network experiences and enable more real-time AI applications. The performance of 5.5G networks is approximately ten times better than the current 5G networks, providing users up to 10Gbps network speed, a tenfold increase from 1Gbps. The network connection density and positioning accuracy are also expected to improve approximately ten times, resulting in lower latency. During the National Day Fireworks Display last year, HKT showcased the advantage of 5.5G network application by transmitting aerial footage for the live television broadcast. Looking ahead, HKT will continue innovating digitalised solutions across various industries with 5.5G and AI. Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, stated, “HKT Commercial Group is dedicated to exploring more AI applications and solutions to optimise enterprise mobility and enhance productivity. As 5.5G technology continues to evolve, it is unlocking increasingly innovative smart applications across sectors from healthcare to construction and property management.”

5.5G Technology: Driving Continuous Digital Transformation
HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O continues to push the boundaries of communication by actively deploying 5.5G and AI applications, providing diversified digital transformation solutions for enterprises, and driving the development of smart cities.

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