Unleash the Power of 5G IoT Applications for Smart Car Park Management Era

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (“EV”) in Hong Kong, the demand for additional charging facilities in various industries such as corporate offices, hospitals, universities and utilities has surged. HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O has leveraged 5G IoT technology and developed a cohesive ecosystem of a smart IoT and EV charging management solution. Through the Application Programming Interface (“API”) technology, the solution unifies multiple enterprise IT systems, including car park management, loyalty membership, CCTV, employee attendance & payroll, payment, IoT facilities management and more on a single dashboard. This groundbreaking solution streamlines car park management and system monitoring, offering unparalleled convenience.

Integrated Smart Property Management Solutions

HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O has implemented the concept of a connected car park with 5G IoT technology and developed a cohesive ecosystem of smart IoT & connected EV charging management solution.

Due to the initiatives of carbon reduction and government incentives, more drivers are choosing to use EVs as their mode of transportation - as of the end of March 2024, the number of EVs in Hong Kong surpassed 87,000, while the availability of public chargers remains limited, with only around 8,000 provided. This means that approximately 11 EVs are competing for each charger. With the Government’s continued promotion of EV adoption this year, the demand for EV charging stations will keep increasing while the industry also needs to build more private EV charging stations to cater to the market demand. Setting up new EV charging stations not only requires retrofitting existing property's electricity infrastructure but also involves integrating the charging devices with different systems to accommodate different commercial and resource allocation needs. Therefore, a connected EV charging management solution is crucial.

Optimising EV Charging Resources & Simplifying Operations

HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O offers a holistic smart parking management solution that connects EV charging stations to its self-developed smart IoT management platform with 5G IoT technology. The solution enables real-time monitoring of the EV charging stations and automatic lock and unlock of parking spaces with connected parking U-locks according to the reservation status of the charging spaces. When improper usage of the charging spaces is detected, the solution promptly sends out real-time alerts, enabling property managers to take actions remotely and avoid on-site inspections manually. The optimisation of charging space usage not only benefits property managers but also reduces unnecessary manual operations, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the parking facility.

In addition to remote monitoring and management, the smart IoT management platform integrates multiple enterprise systems provided by different developers through APIs. Therefore, the property management process is simplified, enabling managers to access various data presented on the streamlined dashboard and effectively manage systems comprised of billings, payments, maintenance, and security.  

Smart Management Portal for EV charging stations
Smart Management Portal for EV charging stations integrates multiple corporate systems and achieves one-stop management.

Propelling Technology Applications with 5G IoT

Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, said, "The 5G connectivity provided by HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O, supports property managers in effectively managing their charging resources and also encourages the adoption of multiple technology applications in car parks. By integrating diverse enterprise systems into the smart IoT management platform, we enable a centralised view of parking facilities." The adoption of 5G IoT technology also enables real-time data collection for remote monitoring of air quality and water leakage risk in a car park, ensuring a comfortable environment and helping to protect property owners and vehicle owners.

The smart car park management solutions of HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O comprise AI-powered License Plate Recognition ("LPR"), which accurately identifies license plate numbers through computer vision AI technology. It also automatically records the entry and exit of vehicles in the car park on the centralised management dashboard in real-time via 5G, simplifying the operation of car park entrances and exits. Meanwhile, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O has also developed a mobile app for drivers. Apart from receiving immediate notifications on parking and charging vacancies, drivers' experience is also greatly boosted as they can check the charging status of their EVs.

Looking forward, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O is committed to developing more 5G IoT solutions, working alongside different industries to overcome future challenges, and together, achieve a sustainable future of higher efficiency.

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Source: Hong Kong Economic Journal, 21 June 2024. Translated by 1O1O Corporate Solutions.