Empowering Businesses with AI and Automation: Customer Service Excellence Elevation

Digitalisation is an essential trend in business development. HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O is dedicated to supporting corporate customers in digital transformation. By integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence (“GenAI”) and Robotics Process Automation (“RPA”) technologies, corporate customer services and sales support are uplifted with operational digitalisation.

Empowering Businesses with AI and Automation: Customer Service Excellence Elevation

Steve Ng (right), Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, proactively adopts AI applications internally and motivates industry-wide digital transformation, enhancing business efficiency for enterprises.

Leveraging Technology and Digital Transformation to Enhance Service Quality and Efficiency

HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O optimises its operational systems, classifies customer profiles, standardises reports, and replaces manual business processes with automation technology, enabling faster, more accurate, and reliable support and services to corporate customers. RPA automates repetitive daily administrative tasks and reduces the time cost on paperwork and manual data entry. To further minimise repetitive tasks, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O also integrates the systems of sales, operation and data management, transforming them into a cohesive solution. This significantly uplifts efficiency by ensuring more precise data analysis and streamlining the report-generating process. In addition, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O supports remote coordination using the cloud portal provided by Microsoft Teams, facilitating real-time communication, document sharing, remote meetings, and enhancing cross-departmental collaboration.

Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, said, "To strengthen operational efficiency, we have widely adopted technologies like Copilot and GenAI in various departments, such as customer services, sales support, order management, and data analysis. HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O has generated and trained multiple AI smart assistants using our self-developed Enterprise GPT. These assistants provide instant product information, invoices, ordering processes and other information to cross-functional teams. When specific information is requested by another team, our team member may directly propose their queries to the AI smart assistant instead of searching for relevant records or asking other colleagues, making inter-departmental coordination easier and more convenient." Digital transformation saves significant time and human resources while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the provided information, thereby offering diversified services and sales support tailored to the needs of corporate customers.

Enhancing Web Portal to Enhance Digital Customer Experience

Enterprise Solutions Portal (“ESP”) is a one-stop service web portal of HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O. Tailored to its corporate mobile services customers, the portal has a clear overview of various data and access to diverse self-serve services. ESP serves as an intelligent account management tool, enabling customers to access multiple account information through a single online portal. In addition to digitalising the internal workflow for customers, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O always keep abreast of the latest market trends to support customers’ changing operational needs. Since the launch of ESP, it has been enhancing the user interface and developing more self-service functionalities according to users' opinions and data analysis results. The portal not only enhances IT and administrative management efficiency but also provides a self-serving digital services experience, allowing customers to manage their corporate mobile accounts and services with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Transforming Alongside Customers with Innovative Technology Applications

At the forefront of digital transformation, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O applies technologies like AI to digitalise internal workflows, enhancing service efficiency. It also offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology applications and solutions for corporate customers. Through personalised professional consultancy, it streamlines and integrates applications with intelligent technologies to cater to the unique and specific requirements of various businesses, assisting enterprises in fully harnessing the advantages of 5G, AI, IoT and more. By collaborating with corporate customers through innovative technology solutions, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O will jointly achieve operational goals in the smart business model and drive digital transformation forward with corporate customers.
Enhancing the ESP to improve the digital self service experience
Digital transformation booss communication and operational efficiency


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Source: Hong Kong Economic Journal, 21 June 2024. Translated by 1O1O Corporate Solutions.