About Enterprise Solutions Portal

In the new normal of hybrid working and flexible workplace practices, enterprise requires a service portal which provides an easy and convenient way to manage their mobile services and accounts anytime, anywhere.
1O1O Enterprise Solutions Portal (ESP) is a new standard for corporate mobile service. Instead of struggling with the complicated tasks of managing multiple accounts and contracts, obtaining billing information, and seeking support, enterprises can now enjoy the convenience and efficiency offered by the all-in-one self-service portal.
ESP offers a digitally transformed experience by bringing 24/7 access, complete data visibility, comprehensive services, and a holistic view of multiple accounts. It empowers you to DIY and manages your mobile services anytime, anywhere. 

Enjoy the 10 Key Features of 1O1O Enterprise Solutions Portal (ESP)

Usage-Bill-Checking.png   Roaming-IDD-Subscription.png   Report-Generation.png   Manage-your-account-24-7.png   Schedule-a-service-appointment.png

Usage & Bill Checking


Roaming & IDD Subscription


Report Generation


24/7 Account Management


Service Appointment Scheduling

Checking the data usage and bill anytime and anywhere has never been easier
  Speedy subscription and flexible cost control with just a few clicks   Instantly available reports offer a clear overview of the data usage ...... Always enjoy greater flexibility in managing your account wherever you are ...... No more call waiting as service appointments can be made online easily
Sign-approve-contract.png   Usage-Alert.png   SIM-Card-Replacement.png   New-Mobile-Number-Subscription.png   Survey-to-share-your-opinion.png
Sign & Approve Contract   Usage Alert   SIM Card Replacement   New Mobile Number Subscription   Customer Survey
Save time and effort as contracts can be signed and renewed via the self-service portal   Avoid unanticipated charges as the data usage limits are monitored by the system closely   Save the trouble of replacing a lost SIM card in person as it can all be done digitally   Easily subscribe new mobile numbers under your account with just a few clicks   Share your opinions and help 1O1O to enhance the user experience further

These all-round features will equip businesses with unrivalled edges in mobile service management:​ 



Stay Updated

  • Mobile service information is right at your fingertip with detailed reports and round-the-clock portal


Effortless Management

  • Enjoy full control over data usage, contracts and service subscription with user-friendly functions


Advanced Security

  • Two-factor authentication and access right settings will ensure maximum security


Easy to Check

  • Intuitive layout gives you a clear picture of account balance, payment history and data usage