Digital Messaging Solutions

Despite all the advancements in new technologies, sometimes it’s simpler to connect with your customers via the most straightforward means possible – MMS and SMS. Our MMS/SMS messaging platform allows you to connect with customers easily, whenever and wherever they are.   

MMS/SMS Solutions: You Can Count On

1O1O helps you unlock the power of MMS and SMS solutions through tactical marketing campaigns, and high message open rate. Not only do our fast network and high resilience guarantee a secure, reliable message delivery service in Hong Kong and abroad but our cloud-based digital messaging solutions will also handle all the heavy lifting while you focus on creating value-adding MMS/SMS solutions. 

Simple-to-use MMS/SMS Messaging Platform 

Boost efficiency with 1O1O’s digital messaging (MMS/SMS) platform by sending group notifications to recipients in the form of MMS/SMS anytime. Get your messages across more powerfully, with the option to attach photos or gifs. Our MMS/SMS messaging platform also comes with built-in testing and a content approval workflow so you can roll out essential campaigns efficiently and flawlessly. 

And that’s not all. Our comprehensive support team is ready to offer assistance at any time on all managed services.