Cybersecurity Solutions

Enterprise security landscape is a battlefield. And new attacks emerge every day. As mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) continue to grow and evolve, and in this mobile first world, more data is captured and reach more devices—creating new vulnerabilities.
Our unrivaled Mobile Security-as-a-Service provides 3 layers of all-rounded protection, from network level to applications to the endpoint devices, to secure your business.
1O1O SafetyNet solutions use data, analytics, AI and machine learning to intelligently protect enterprises against quickly evolving malware and phishing sites.  The 1O1O Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) suite and managed services safeguards business against data and IT policy breaches and securely provision enterprise devices efficiently and scalably.  Our DeviceSafe further complements by protecting endpoint devices and provides easy-to-read security dashboard, easing challenges of IT’s busy routines.

HKT and 1O1O also work hand-in-hand, through our 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC), in cyber threat intelligence and monitoring, across data transmitted through your fixed and mobile network.