CUHK Medical Centre - 5G Smart Hospital

The hospital of the future: HKT partnered with CUHK Medical Centre for 5G smart hospital
HKT, in partnership with CUHK Medical Centre, leads the way in making use of 5G technology to drive innovative medical applications such as remote consultation and training, thereby accelerating digital transformation in the healthcare industry. 
Real time medical consultation and clinical training via 5G
As a pioneer of 5G developments in Hong Kong, HKT can fully leverage 5G’s unique advantages of ultra-high speeds of over 1 Gbps and extremely low latency of less than 10 ms. The technology can deliver an immersive experience through a combination of extremely high-quality ultra-HD 4K video, 3D imaging, VR, AR and multi-camera view. Medical images such as those obtained from endoscopy, ultrasounds, CT scans and X-ray of a high resolution can be transferred in real time via 5G for remote medical consultation. 5G also enables remote clinical training for medical students and facilitates the hosting of international medical conferences at CUHKMC with participants physically located in the Greater Bay Area and overseas
Serving Hong Kong people on a mission
Through the innovative use of 5G technology to support a wide array of smart hospital applications such as remote consultation (doctor-to-doctor), remote training (doctor-to-student) and telemedicine (doctor-to-patient), resources in the hospital can be optimized and patients can receive the best possible care. 5G also supports other innovative applications such as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and robotics to better serve Hong Kong people.

What customer says about us

Dr. Fung Hong
Chief Executive Officer of CUHKMC

The focus of our smart hospital is to improve the patient journey by delivering the best treatment and enhancing medical safety. Through our partnership with HKT on 5G technology and applications, the digital transformation of CUHKMC is accelerated and thus the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the hospital are improved. CUHKMC, as a university hospital, is uniquely positioned for the early adoption of new technology to be applied in practice in the healthcare sector.