Event Management Services

Event Management Supports

Effective and successful events have seen increasing demand for engagement and unique customer experiences. Not only do interactive and creative events drive positive customer feedback towards your brands and services, but they can also generate media attention and continue going viral on the internet, long after the event is concluded.
We understand that experience is key in today’s event marketing campaigns, and we can help enterprises transform and supercharge various events with a digital approach. We offer a range of corporate event services, from event management systems to unique VR event experience, covering the entire event planning and execution journey.

iPad Rental

Go paperless, wireless, and let all your guests experience the difference. From registering event guests at arrival, setting up movie point-of-sales systems, and showcasing the latest apps or products at a launch event to live-audience Q&A at conferences, businesses can create smart, interactive experiences by using smart event devices.
Our iPad rental services support bulk rental with flexible charges and professionally managed services. Whether you're hosting a conference, exhibition, road show, or a promotional campaign, our iPad rental service can help you create a smart, interactive experience that engages your guests and leaves a lasting impression.

5G WiFi for Creative, Business or Corporate Event Services

Whether you are organizing a pop-up store, roadshow or exhibition, having a trustworthy and robust 5G WiFi partner is essential in creating an unforgettable and seamless experience for your customers. From ensuring high internet connectivity throughout the whole exhibition hall, to offering 5G WiFi solutions on multiple mobile devices during an outdoor market, we can help you find the right corporate event services solutions.