Smart Healthcare Solutions

The Power of 5G+ Technologies in Smart Healthcare Innovations 


Transforming Healthcare with 5G-Powered Medical Applications 

The introduction of 5G in medical applications is transforming healthcare digitalisation, elevating smart healthcare experiences to unprecedented levels of patient care and operational efficiency. By leveraging the power of 5G alongside innovative technologies, our Smart Healthcare Solutions cover a wide range of clinical to non-clinical 5G+ medical applications. The 5G infrastructure not only supports but also amplifies collaboration across various digital technologies, including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Telemedicine, and Robotics. These technological integrations significantly enhance healthcare services and patient experience, broadening the scope of smart healthcare from hospital-based care to community health services. 


5G Medical Images Hub: Revolutionising Remote Healthcare 

Our 5G Medical Images Hub is a key element of 5G medical applications, marking a significant shift in remote healthcare consultations, training, and patient care. By utilising the high-speed and low-latency advantages of 5G, the hub provides healthcare professionals with instant access to medical imaging. This enables collaboration and informed decision-making across distances, removing geographical limitations. 


5G Smart Ward Management: Optimising Nursing Efficiency 

Our 5G Nursing Station leads the way in optimising nursing efficiency within smart healthcare solutions. It automates devices and systems to provide a comprehensive suite of applications for nursing management, and analytics. A centralised management dashboard simplifies workflows and significantly improves nursing efficiency, capturing the true potential of 5G medical applications in ward management. 


Real-Time Location System (RTLS): Enhancing Patient Safety and Medical Assets Management 

Our advanced Real-Time Location System (RTLS) elevates smart healthcare to new heights. Utilising Bluetooth to ensure precise, real-time location tracking of patients and assets across medical centre, this solution helps enhance patient management and streamline medical resource management with geofencing technology. It further increases efficiency, creating safer and more responsive care environments. 


AI-Driven Healthcare Innovations 

AI in healthcare is transforming how diseases are diagnosed and treated. As a crucial part of our smart healthcare solutions, the AI assistant aids healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating patients, improving the patient experience. It also enables automated consultations and education. 


More Innovations at a Glance: 

5G Dedicated Network: Reliable, and highly performed 5G network that provide end-to-end secure data channel for territory-wide access.
IoMT Sensor: Precise, real-time monitoring ensures optimal healthcare delivery safety and efficiency.
HoloMedicine: Mixed reality technology to support medical professionals from surgery to training.
Hospital Operation Mobile Apps: Streamlining hospital operations with integrated mobile solutions, a key feature of our smart healthcare solutions.
eSmart Health: Comprehensive health monitoring system for in-hospital and community-based care powered by HKT’s mobile connectivity.
Mobile Devices: A diverse range of mobile devices enhances hospital and clinic operations and is integral to 5G medical applications.