1O1O Unified Endpoint Management Suite

In a modern workplace, employees use a lot of collaboration tools and are working with multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Protecting and managing company data across multiple devices becomes critical.  1O1O UEM is here to overcome these challenges for you no matter if the devices are corporate owned or employee owned (BYOD).

Best in class service to protect company data and manage multiple endpoints
End-to-end professional consultancy, deployment and support by UEM experts
Simple setup and update for multiple devices to increase productivity and efficiency
Tremendous experience with the most licenses deployed in Hong Kong among local operators
Recognized UEM expert provides various leading UEM products in the market
The 1st Blackberry Enterprise Platinum partner in Hong Kong to realize the best UEM services


Greet our Team Of UEM Leaders

1O1O understands that only a team of leaders can deliver the best UEM experience. We work with leaders in the UEM market such as BlackBerry, MobileIron and VMware to serve every customer for their own needs.

We care about your UEM Journey

1O1O understands what enterprises need is more than just an UEM license.  We provide an all-rounded UEM journey for enterprises to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.  We provide support across all stages from choosing, deploying and reviewing throughout the UEM journey.

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is a simple, web-based portal for your IT administrators to deploy iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV all from one place.  It can easily provide employees with access to Apple services, set up device enrollment, distribute apps, books, and custom apps - all from one place and in a bulk quantity.  Working seamlessly with your Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, Apple Business Manager makes it easy to enrol devices, deploy content, and delegate administrative privileges.

Zero-touch configuration Streamlined distribution Team collaboration

Automatically enrol devices with Unified Endpoint Managment (UEM) solution. Simplify the setup process for employees.

Easily buy apps and books for employees. And distribute them easily through UEM within organization.

Create Managed Apple IDs for employees to collaborate with Apple apps and services.

1O1O Corporate Solution teams have proven experiences to deliver Apple device & UEM deployment and managed services for businesses. Click here to contact us and find out more.

1O1O Apple Business Manager Reseller ID: 7E4F100