Smart Property Management

Integrated Smart Property Management Solutions Empowered by 5G and IoT

Our smart property management solutions are firmly founded on advanced 5G connectivity, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operations across all property areas and through timely updates of our smart parking mobile applications. This high-speed connectivity is pivotal for supporting a robust IoT ecosystem, which is essential for efficient real-time monitoring and management of facility services, such as connected EV chargers.

In response to the dynamic challenges in Hong Kong's smart property management sector, we offer integrated, technological solutions for property managers to optimise their daily operations. By integrating 5G, IoT and other technologies, we provide solutions that not only optimise manpower but are also in line with evolving market needs. Our smart property management solutions address a wide range of issues, including outdated management systems, challenges in acquiring skilled staff, and shortages in the talented workforce. Our integrated 5G and IoT solutions ensure that properties are managed in a more effective and sustainable manner. This technological synergy has been revolutionising the industry and adapting to market changes by enhancing operational excellence, reducing manpower and improving user experiences.



Adapting to Market Changes on EV Charger and ESG Shifts in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's property management landscape is currently undergoing a significant transformation that is driven by the rapid increase in electric vehicle (“EV”) adoption and a strong focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) goals, prompting the government to initiate expansive changes in the EV charging infrastructure and smart parking facilities. Adoption of EV is expected to accelerate which challenges private property managers and developers to devise innovative smart property management solutions for EV charger management to address the growing demand on EV chargers under the limited EV Chargers provision. In response to the various challenges faced by drivers, private property managers and developers, we provide smart EV charging management solutions such as smart parking mobile app and centralized car park management platform to improve user experience and operational efficiency in facility services.


Enhancing User Experience with Smart EV Charging Management

Managing EV charging through a smart car park management solution enables advanced functionalities, such as real-time spot location, capacity checks and seamless online payments. This innovation not only supports the increasing adoption of electric vehicles but also enhances user convenience in using EV chargers.


Enabling Smart Property Management with IoT

We provide state-of-the-art IoT solutions that deliver unprecedented operational efficiency for property managers. For instance, our IoT sensors facilitate remote monitoring of energy consumption and air quality, and provide real-time flood detection, which is particularly crucial in Hong Kong's densely populated areas. The actionable data collected is vital for making informed decisions, thereby enhancing both the safety and operational efficiency of properties, especially regarding smart parking and EV charger adaptation.


Empowering Developers and Investors with ESG-Focused Solutions

Our solutions are specially designed for developers and investors prioritising carbon reduction strategies that align with ESG objectives. A centralised management dashboard facilitates the real-time management of smart parking facilities and EV charging stations, along with monitoring various environmental conditions. These capabilities are critical for developers looking to invest in smart properties management solutions that meet the highest sustainability and efficiency standards. Our solutions not only help identify carbon reduction opportunities but also optimise resource allocation, reduce manpower needs, and bolster your sustainability commitment on ESG goals.


Our comprehensive solutions that support smart property management include:

Integrated Smart App: Smart App for drivers to check the availability of parking slot / EV charger in car park
Smart EV Charging Management: IoT management on the occupancy and charging status of EV chargers
IoT Environmental Monitoring: Monitor air quality and potential flooding risk inside car park
Remote Facility Management: Centralised dashboard for property management to monitor and manage multiple property management system, including car park
5G Connected Property: 5G connectivity from car park to entire property to enable real-time communications and collaborations for property managers