OFCA #SMS Sender Registration Scheme

Empower Your Digital Messaging with #SMS: Reliable, Secure & Trustworthy Brand Image

Protect your business against SMS fraud, scams and phishing attempts with the #SMS Sender Registration Scheme, now available to all sectors. This initiative by the Hong Kong Government's Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) empowers only registered senders to use a unique "#" prefix in their SMS Sender IDs. As a trusted OFCA-authorised Registered #SMS Service Provider, HKT & CSL Mobile ensures every message you send is safe and authentic, reinforcing your brand's credibility and safeguarding your communication channels. 


Secure Your Communications with Registered #SMS Service Provider, HKT & CSL Mobile

Introduced to enhance public trust, the #SMS Sender Registration Scheme requires businesses to register their SMS Sender IDs with a "#" prefix through OFCA. This registry is publicly accessible, allowing anyone to verify the authenticity of #SMS messages. This straightforward system ensures that only registered businesses can send #SMS, enabling recipients in Hong Kong to identify and trust your messages easily. 



Harness the Power of Trusted #SMS for Enhanced Communication Security

Utilise #SMS and #MMS to their fullest potential with our Digital Messaging Solutions, designed for highest impact. The solution supports enterprises to reach customers with a high open rate and ensure that every message enhances your brand's presence in the market. 



Maximise Engagement and Build Trust with Secure #SMS Solutions

Leverage our Digital Messaging Solutions, incorporating the #SMS Sender Registration Scheme, secure your communication effectiveness and uplifting your brand integrity. Use the "#" prefix to demonstrate the authenticity and reliability of every message.Transform the communication strategy in a range of industries such as healthcare, insurance, banking, logistics, retail, restaurants, and travel agencies, by implementing secure, efficient, and trustworthy messaging solutions. 



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Unlock the Full Potential of Digital Messaging with HKT & CSL Mobile:

Authorised Compliance and Security: As an OFCA-authorised Registered #SMS Service Provider (RSSP), HKT & CSL Mobile maintain top security standards, ensuring #SMS sender IDs are always protected.
Enhanced Brand Integrity: A recognised service that customers trust. Compliance with the #SMS Sender Registration Scheme safeguards your communication and bolsters your corporate reputation.
Messaging Excellence: Reach a large number of customers with a high open rate. Our #SMS or #MMS solutions ensure impactful engagement.
Effortless Communication Workflow: Web-based system streamlines messaging and enhances efficiency with quick setups and online tracking. It ensures managing campaigns effortless.
Dedicated Support: Ensure smooth execution of campaigns, providing peace of mind to all marketers.

Combat SMS Fraud: Secure Your Business with the #SMS Sender Registration Scheme!