Smart Campus

High capacity, high speed and low latency of 5G technology enable a host of new services at different campuses including smart airports, smart ports, or smart stadiums and university campuses.  Private 5G network or 5G network slicing and edge computing enables specific applications and experience at their top performance.

Smart Stadium

Immersive experience that was never possible before now becomes a reality.  Audiences can enjoy self-controlled experience of events, concerts or matches with multi-angles, multi views perspective. Further complemented by AR/VR applications, event experience is further enriched.

Smart Airport

There are countless applications and benefits for 5G deployment at the airport which range from uplifting passenger experience to better air traffic management and more efficient airport operations. 5G enabled high density video collaborating capabilities support airlines and different users at the airport to manage time-critical tasks and adhoc challenges.  It also supports the massive deployment of IoT applications which bring better comforts for passengers and uplift efficiency via proactive monitoring of key services at the airport.  AR/VR applications for deployment in aircraft maintenance also tremendously improve efficiency of the crews.

Areas that can gain huge benefit include autonomous driving, baggage handling, flight turnaround optimization and passenger flow management.  This will help deliver considerable savings in fuel costs and other resources such as labour.

Smart Port

The ultra high speed and low latency of 5G is perfect for management of mission-critical tasks at ports.  It supports video surveillance capabilities and high density 360 degree monitoring for safety and compliance.  5G enables advanced automation and much more efficient port operations.