5G Service Plan for SME

Enhance business communications
with 5G mobile connectivity

A host of service rate plans across both Device and SIM connection options to fit your business needs.

Business Mobile Plan, 5G & 5G Router Plan for SME

Stable internet and reliable connectivity are irreplaceable for modern businesses, especially SMEs. Whether your business consists of digital nomads from all around the globe, or if it requires substantial data transfers in real-time and on-the-go, you need an agile 5G plan to count on.
Our 5G business mobile plans offer SMEs a comprehensive range of 5G mobile and 5G router plan options to meet your network connectivity needs. Our business mobile plan's extensive indoor 5G network coverage enables businesses to cultivate a digital work environment that promotes efficiency and collaboration. Upload, download, and share files at ultra-high speeds from anywhere. Our 5G business mobile plans can support your remote and hybrid working needs.
Experience real-time communication and high-speed, low-latency connections with our Business Mobile Plan! With our 5G plan for SMEs (5G SIMs, 5G devices and 5G routers plans), you can easily access and share business documents among colleagues and stay productive no matter where you are.

Samsung Galaxy Series Service Plan
Samsung Galaxy Series Service Plan
Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Service Plan
Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Service Plan
Mainland China-Hong Kong-Macau 5G Service Plan
Mainland China-Hong Kong-Macau 5G Service Plan
5G Business Mobile Broadband
5G Business Mobile Broadband

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The highly useful Value-added services provide distinct mobile security and entertainment experience to our 5G service users.


Mobile Security & Protection

Cyber Security Combo


A device protection service provides users with 3 layers of all-rounded protection, from network level, to applications, to the endpoint device. Services include:


  • 1O1O SafetyNet: Prevent infection from malware and harmful links while browsing with mobile phones
  • Norton Secure VPN: Bank-grade data encryption and ad tracker blocked
  • Norton Mobile Security: Scan and remove malware to protect your personal data


Service Charge
$39/month (24 months commitment period) 

Call Filtering Service

Take control of your incoming calls with hassle-free user experience! Call Filtering empowers you to block spam calls and overseas scam calls before they can reach you, thus keeping you free from nuisance.
  • Network-based system to detect, analyse and filter spam calls 24 hours a day
  • Suitable for all handsets without App installation
  • Enjoy more flexibility and control with your “Personal Blacklist” and “Personal Whitelist”
Service Charge
$18/month (12 months commitment period)
$22/month (monthly plan) 

Restart 3.0 Handset Switch Service


Exchange your device for a new one or have your handset screen repaired for any reason up to 2 times within any rolling 12-month period.


  • Manufacturer-authorised screen repair service
  • Include both touch screen and LCD repair
  • Screen repair in as fast as 1 day
  • Device replacement service delivered to you in as fast as 6 hours


Service Charge*
$48/month (24 months commitment period)
$58/month (monthly plan)


*For designated handset model with original SRP under HK$20,000



Now Select


Enjoy a one-stop infotainment platform of Asian drama series, variety shows, international sports events, news and finance. 


The selected Now E channels include: 

  • Now Drama Express
  • Now Drama Channel
  • Now Chinese Drama Channel
  • NowJelli
  • ViuTV
  • Now Sports 1
  • Now Sports Prime
  • Now News
  • Now Direct
  • Now Business News Channel


Service Charge 
$39/month (Waiver for the first 2 months, 24 months commitment period)
$48/month (monthly plan) 

Now Baogu


A 24-hour Chinese and Asian movie channel run by movie professionals, with self-produced programmes and on demand service.


Service Charge
$39/month (Waiver for the first 2 months, 24 months commitment period)
$48/month (monthly plan)

MOOV 16 bit Music Service


Enjoy and share high-quality music and videos anytime, anywhere in Hong Kong. Focus on Cantopop, K-Pop or any other kind of music by getting the hottest Chinese, British and American songs daily.


Service Charge

MOOV 16 bit Music Service 
$39/month (24 months commitment period)
$49/month (monthly plan)


MOOV 16 bit Upgrade to MOOV 24 bit Music Service  
$15/month (monthly plan)

MOOV 24 bit Music Service


Uplift your music experience to Studio-quality and enjoy more than 20,000 24 bit songs with Hong Kong’s first and only music streaming service that provides studio master tracks.


Service Charge
$58/month (24 months commitment period)
$110/month (monthly plan)


How To Sign Up?

  • Contact our Commercial Mobility Hotline at 120 888; or
  • Download 1O1O/csl. Service App, select "Valued-added Service" for registration:


1O1O Service App    

csl.Service App


T&C apply,please visit https://www.1010.com.hk/, https://www.hkcsl.com or 1O1O /csl. Service App for details.