5G Router Management Portal

Empower IT Team Efficiency: Overcome Challenges of Multi-Location 5G Routers


While an enterprise owns multiple offices or shops, managing 5G routers across multiple locations presents a myriad of challenges for in-house IT experts. Insufficient IT team resources & on-site supporting talents result in delays in issue resolution and hinder overall network management efficiency. Additionally, the absence of instant alerts makes it challenging to promptly identify and troubleshoot delays in 5G router network connection issues. The 5G Router Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) Portal of our holistic Managed 5G+ WiFi Solution allows IT teams to manage various multi-location 5G routers centrally with just a one-stop management dashboard, supporting them to remotely manage 5G router connection with ease!




Seamlessly Connect and Remotely Control and Manage Your 5G Routers


We recognise these obstacles and have responded by developing our 5G Router EMS Portal. It provides a streamlined solution that allows you to keep tabs on your 5G WiFi network's performance and make timely decisions and overcome obstacles & challenges. IT teams can enjoy hassle-free remote device monitoring and management, reduce cost, fully utilise resources and enhance 5G network router efficiency. Our 5G Router EMS Portal does not only enhance network connectivity with 5G WiFi. Its streamlined monitoring & management of remote devices also puts you at an advantage. To ensure consistent business quality, our experienced team of IT experts is always ready to proactively provide the necessary support, ensuring 5G WiFi network connectivity and boosting productivity!


5G Router EMS Portal to optimise IT Supports:

Streamlined Remote Management: Stay connected and in control wherever you are.
Active Device Monitoring: Instant update on device status, connection types, and last update time.
Personalised Customisation: Intuitive dashboard with customised device names, SSIDs, and passwords.
Data Visualisation: Troubleshooting through analysis report and alert history.
Support Hotline: Resolve 5G router connection issues promptly to ensure reliable 5G WiFi connectivity.

Seamlessly Connect and Control Your 5G Routers: