Taikoo Place and Pacific Place - 5G Smart Property

Enjoy 5G network when you are at work!
HKT powers Taikoo place and Pacific Place to actualize the first business hubs in Hong Kong with 5G connectivity indoor and outdoor.

Increasing need for 5G network and cloud applications in workplace
Taikoo Place and Pacific Place have been the home for renowned multinational and local enterprises across different industries, ranging from financial and asset management, legal and professional services, media agencies, to luxury retail brands. Under the pandemic, face-to-face interactions among tenant staff members are minimized and a sharp upsurge in the need for accessing different cloud applications and remote collaborations including virtual meetings and document sharing created a high demand for reliable and ultra-fast connectivity.

HKT collaborates with Swire Properties for 5G network
Aiming to provide a workplace for tenants with high efficiency and productivity, HKT collaborated with Swire Properties to leapfrog the mobile experience of all tenants to 5G. All indoor and outdoor areas of Taikoo Place and Pacific Place are now equipped with 5G to facilitate work and enhanced the lifestyle amongst workforces within these business hubs.

5G network also enables tenants to work hard, play hard
Aside from substantially improving work efficiency, a 5G-enabled campus also uplifted personal experience at the office. To promote work-life balance in today’s smart offices, areas for collaborations as well as relaxation are common. Taikoo Place and Pacific Place tenants can enjoy high-resolution music, 4K video streaming, immersive experiences like AR, VR and digital interactions smoothly at their leisure or rest time within these business hubs.

What customer says about us

Mr. Don Taylor
Director, Office at Swire Properties

With Taikoo Place and Pacific Place now fully 5G enabled, we are excited to be the first business hubs to reach this milestone in Hong Kong. Our tenants and visitors now have access to significantly faster connectivity, allowing them to collaborate and fully leverage the virtual platforms, which will increase efficiency and productivity both in and out of the office. This achievement was on the back of extensive collaboration with HKT and part of our drive to continuously innovate. We have the capability to tap the limitless possibilities of the IoT to build smart places that meet our clients’ future needs, and ultimately, enhance the overall user experience.