1O1O One Bill Settles All (Direct Carrier Billing Service)

1O1O One Bill Settles All

Register 1O1O One Bill Settles All, and settle all your purchases on apps, movies, music, books and games in 1O1O monthly bill! Service is available on the following major platforms:



Service Features

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Clear Transactions Record


Spending Rewards



Secure purchase without disclosing credit card information
...... Registration done in just a few simple steps ...... Every purchase record will be shown on your monthly bill ...... Earn Clubpoints every time you make a purchase, so spend more to earn more! ......

How to settle dedicated purchase via 1O1O / csl bill easily?


Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:

1. Direct Carrier Billing Services is a Value Added Service for designated corporate customers of service plans (“Service”) of 1O1O service plans.
2. The Service is only available with compatible devices.
3. If a customer’s purchase amount exceeds the monthly limit, payment cannot be settled using the service.
4. 1O1O reserves the right to update the spending limit regularly and without giving the customers any advance notice. The latest spending limit will be published on 1O1O website from time to time.
5. Any Clubpoints earned by using the Service is subject to Terms & Conditions as dictated by Club HKT Limited, available at https://www.theclub.com.hk/en/terms-and-conditions.html  
6. All products and services are subject to the terms and conditions, please click https://1010.com.hk/en/dcbhttps://www.hkcsl.com/en/netflix/ and https://www.nowe.com/promotion/direct-carrier-billing-service for more details
7. CSL reserves the right to change or terminate the service or these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. In the event of a dispute, our decision shall be final.