Construction - uplifting efficiency with 5G

5G is transforming the way the construction industry does business.  It makes construction progress faster, smarter, safer, and more efficient.

The construction industry has now entered a new phase of digitalization.  Construction timelines are tight and being able to complete a construction project on time or ahead of schedule directly affects the profitability of the project. 5G delivers a robust and reliable connectivity with high-speed data access without much cabling requirement, allowing constant and rapid communication of massive files even when construction sites are located in remote areas.    

5G also supports a massive deployment of IoT and other new technologies which enable applications in construction projects such as progress monitoring, constructions safety, quality monitoring, supply replenishment, construction tools and equipment tracking, building information modeling (BIM) and predictive maintenance.  All these certainly add value to meeting tight construction schedules.

To support the digital transformation in the construction industry, HKT | 1O1O introduced a 5G oriented Anti Crane Collisions Solution (also known as Construction Machines Crash Detection System in the CITF pre-approved list) to help optimize occupational safety in sites and facilitate construction project management.

CITF fund Pre-approved List
Pre-approved Smart Site Safety System
Solution of Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) –
Construction Machines Crash Detection System (Ref: PA-391)

Potential 5G Use Cases in Construction


Real-time automation
Enhanced video surveillance for on-demand transparent view of the construction progress
Drones with 4K video sharing and analytics for construction status and reporting
Hazard and maintenance sensing
Massive connectivity enable multiple users to interact with each other in real-time
Real-time imaging usage for asset monitoring
Integration with various sensors for geo-fencing or motion alert e.g. fall detection
Anti crane collision solution for site safety management