5G Smart Construction Solutions

Discover the future of construction site safety with our cutting-edge Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) solutions. Powered by our high-speed and reliable 5G and fibre communication networks, we offer CITF pre-approved smart construction solutions that integrate smart safety devices on a centralised management platform, further enhancing construction site safety and streamlining project workflows in 5G construction.


Enhance Construction Site Safety with Smart Site Safety System (SSSS)

Emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics and data analytics, along with the era of digitalisation evolution, have revolutionised the world. As the construction industry requires multitasking and coordination with various teams in a challenging machinery environment, it is often described as a complex and risky business. Leveraging the power of high-speed 5G construction connectivity, our Smart Construction Solutions, such as Anti Crane Collision Solution, detect and identify potential risks in real-time data transmission with low latency, optimise construction site safety, and achieve the goals for developing a smart site safety system (SSSS/4S) for construction projects.

5G-Facilitated Construction Project Management

Effective and smart construction project management requires monitoring all aspects of documentation management, workflow automation, and resource allocation to ensure a smooth and successful project execution. Seamless and high-speed 5G construction connectivity and the application of other advanced technologies will also improve how we manage the built environment and support paperless documentation. Smart project management tools and systems also benefit the project workflow and improve operation efficiency.


CITF fund Pre-approved List
Pre-approved Smart Site Safety System (SSSS)
Solution of Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF)


Our innovations that support SSSS/4S include:

AI Camera Monitoring: identify potential danger in construction site with AI technology
Digitised Tracking: digitised tracking system for site plants, powered tools, ladders and more
Hazardous Area Access Control: electronic lock and key system
Workers Monitoring: smart monitoring devices such as Smart Helmet and Smart Wristband for workers and frontline site personnel
Digitised Permits-to-Work: digitalised permits-to-work system for high-risk activities
Danger Zone Alerts: unsafe acts or dangerous situation alerts for mobile plant operation danger zone
Crane Lifting Zone Alert: real time monitoring and alerts to avoid cranes collision
Confined Space Monitoring: real time environment and worker safety conditions monitoring