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"Tram Tram" App: A connected network to transform internal communications
What fond memories do the 'ding ding" chimes evokes in  your mind?  Hong Kong Tramways has been serving people of Hong Kong for more than a century.  1O1O is thrilled to help them strengthen internal communications in their digital transformation journey.

Seamless communication and collaboration
Recognizing the complexities of managing a team of over 400 frontline employees, 1O1O started with the values and missions of Hong Kong Tramways - "Connect, Caring and Happiness", and developed the "Tram Tram" App that takes communication, training and collaboration to a new level.  Supported by the professional team of 1O1O, the mobile app not only facilities the two-way communication between the management and tram captains, but also offers a new platform where colleagues can stay connected and work more closely with each other.

Saving time by releasing announcements via the app, the company now enjoys a higher level of efficiency that helps improve its service.  The transparency of the information flow also means a stronger sense of belonging.

Augmenting road safety with effective training
Apart from building a more collaborative team, Hong Kong Tramways also attaches high importance to road safety.  By sharing real-time safety information with frontline employees via the app, the company strives to ensure a smooth journey for its passengers.

The people-oriented company also lives up to its commitment to excellence by enhancing internal training with the new technology.  With the dedicated features of the mobile app, employees can now take regular road safety tests online and receive the latest information about safety issues.

While the team members appreciates the convenience of the user-friendly app, the management is confident that the new communication channel will foster new ideas and innovation.

What customer says about us

Mr. Cyril Aubin
Managing Director, Hong Kong Tramways

Internal communications plays a key role to the success of our business, and we are happy to have 1O1O support us in our digital transformation, and help us to develop our Tram Tram App. This provides a user-friendly platform that serves us for communication, training and collaboration. It also allows us to hold valuable two-way communications with our workforce in real time.