Business Roaming Service & IDD

Our roaming service covers more than 300# destinations, you can enjoy voice and data services while roaming via our partners' networks at overseas destinations.

Bridge Alliance Support

Strengthen our roaming connectivity and a suite of integrated value-added services in different countries

Roaming Day Pass

We provide two types of data roaming day passes that allow you to keep connected with our voice and data services worldwide



24-Hour Data Roaming Pass

A true hassle free roaming experience breaks free from the roaming norm with our brand new Data Roaming Day Pass. Manage data roaming spending at your fingertips when roam with more than 300 destinations via 1O1O App. You will always be connected wherever you may be.





DataRoam Day Pass

DataRoam Day pass offers fixed daily rate for data roaming usage while roaming with more than 190 destinations.



#Coverage of roaming destinations varies with the plan selection