5G Router & Wireless Broadband

In scenarios where wired networks are impractical, our 5G WiFi router solution provides cost-effective 5G WiFi alternative. We enable quick deployment of 5G routers to power your business with 1O1O's wide 5G broadband coverage and offer diverse backup or failover options to ensure efficiency and reliability.


Uplift Business Efficiency with Business to Industrial-graded 5G Routers


We provide a wide variety of business to industrial-graded 5G routers and pocket office WiFi devices to suit your business needs. Whether you’re running pop-up stores, trade shows, home offices or looking for remote communications and collaboration for construction sites or open-air events, 1O1O's 5G WiFi routers can provide reliable indoor and outdoor mobile 5G WiFi, keeping your business connected with faster 5G router WiFi speed.



Keep Your Data Safe


Upgrade with 1O1O SafetyNet solution can safeguard your company data against harmful links and network-based viruses while using 1O1O 5G broadband network, maintaining the highest level of business security with 5G WiFi router.

Stable & speedy 5G WiFi to support your business.
No more environmental barriers, enjoy the best 5G network anywhere, anytime.
Industrial 5G routers that can withstand punishment and extreme temperatures.
Combines multiple bandwidths into a single superfast stream with different 5G routers.
Wide range of 5G Routers to suit different business needs.