Yue Tung - Digital Transformation

Successful Turnaround Empowered by Technology
While turnover reflects the performance of a company, business resilience determines how far it can go in the long run. Challenged by the rapidly evolving environment, Hong Kong-based chartered limousine service provider Yue Tung managed to weather the storm with the help of 1O1O Corporate Solutions, and strengthened its infrastructure for a strong rebound.
A New Era Calls for a New Mindset
Yue Tung enjoyed a great start when it entered the chauffeur service market eight years ago given the strong demand and their well-trained team targeting business clients. Yet the rapid growth they witnessed during the early days soon took a sharp turn due to the new policies launched by the government in 2013, and the company’s weak foundation was exposed. Struggled to survive, the management team realized that they must keep abreast of the times with a modern perspective and a more efficient system. And they found a reliable partner at 1O1O Corporate Solutions.
Improving Efficiency
Sharing the same innovative vision, Yue Tung and 1O1O Corporate Solutions worked closely to customize a robust system that covers the quality mobile network of 1O1O and industry-leading hardware. With a new connected ordering system, Yue Tung’s drivers can now check and receive their orders through their iPads instantly and easily. Meanwhile, the Collaboration @ Work administrative system offered by 1O1O has also given a strong boost to operational efficiency. The back office can now execute and complete different administrative tasks online or via the secure mobile application, helping the team focus on what really matters—their customers.
An Improved Customer Experience
In addition to bringing a safe and smooth journey to customers, Yue Tung also enriches the ride with modern technologies. For instance, with the iPad supported by 1O1O’s stable and fast mobile network, the passengers can sign the confirmation slip digitally. The Screen Cloud system installed in the iPad also allows them to browse the latest flight information, weather of their destination and infotainment contents tailored to their needs.
As Yue Tung takes pride in the recognition from their customers, the company is ready to capture emerging opportunities in the growing market that looks for attentive and flexible players driven by smart use of technology.

What customer says about us

Mr. William Wong
General Manager, Yue Tung

To stay competitive in today's fast paced world of digital marketing, we started our digital transformation by assigning drivers to different vehicles digitally, rather than manually, it save our time, reduce costs and eliminate human errors.  To accelerate success, Yue Tung needed a reliable and stable mobile network to ensure a smooth transition to their new system.  We selected 1O1O Business Solutions, as we believe they offered the best integration of mobile network infrastructure to hardware.