Push-To-Talk Solutions

1O1O Push-To-Talk service combines two-way radio voice communication with multimedia features that can enhance your business operations and team collaboration.  This solution offers cutting-edge Push-To-Talk technology in smart mobile devices, making it a superior option to traditional walkie talkies.

Apart from the core functions of traditional two-way radio and voice communiation, 1O1O Push-To-Talk allows multiple functions, video and photo uploading, GPS tracking and centralized management portal, to be performed by one device, reducing cost, administrative burden and supports increasing mobility of the workplace.

One-stop solutions provider with reliable and secured mobile network
Support 24/7 operation with external spare batteries
Supports multimedia communications include sharing of photos, videos and live video streaming to facilitate seamless sharing of information between departments
Centralized management platform to manage, view records and retrieve history of conversations, text messages and GPS locations.