Collaboration @Work

Our collaboration solution series put all of the connection and collaboration choices at your fingertips, making it easy for employees to manage their day-to-day work and boost productivity.

Cost effective and boosts operational efficiency
Keep staff connected in work anywhere, anytime
Protect corporate data by secured closed platform
Link employees together with media sharing
Facilitate employees’ internal resources accessing
No need to purchase and maintain infrastructure
Enhance productivity through paperless forms & document

What other customers say...

Mr. Cyril Aubin
Managing Director, Hong Kong Tramways

Internal communications is the key success to the success of our business, and we are happy to have 1O1O support us in our digital transformation, and help us to keep developing our Tram Tram App. This provides a user-friendly platform that serves us for communication, training and collaboration. It also allows us to hold valuable two-way communications with our workforce in real time.