HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O The Robust Backup for Enterprise Digital Transformation

As Hong Kong's leading digital transformation solutions and telecommunication service provider, HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O stands at the forefront of advancements in digital technology applications. We are dedicated to continuous innovation in areas such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data Analysis, among others. Our proactive approach involves formulating exclusive solutions tailored to the unique needs of various industries. By empowering our clients with cutting-edge and efficient operational models, we set the benchmark for the industry's digital evolution.

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Mr. Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, emphasises the transformative potential of AI in the future trajectory of Hong Kong Telecom's business services. In alignment with this vision, company’s investments in this sector are set to grow substantially.

5G and Fibre Networks: The Bedrock of Our Comprehensive AI Solutions

HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O possesses advanced and extensive infrastructure of 5G and fibre networks, coupled with innovative System Integration (SI) capabilities, to support and drive the development and application of AI technology. The seamless fusion of 5G and fibre optic networks guarantees swift connectivity and reliable data transmission. The capabilities of 5G, such as ultra-high speed, low latency, and wide connectivity, enable instantaneous interactions between AI devices and machine-learning tools, optimising data analytics and decision-making processes. The symbiotic relationship between 5G and AI brings mutual support and benefits. By combining these technologies, a wealth of possibilities emerges in fields like data analysis, predictive modelling, and automated processes. These applications hold immense potential for smart offices, smart cities, and industrial automation, empowering enterprises and organisations to make well-informed decisions.

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HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O harnesses AI to deliver transformative digital solutions, amplifying business efficiency, customer experience, innovation, and risk management.

Empowering Industries with AI-Powered Solutions

Companies that leverage HKT Enterprise Solutions | 1O1O’s digital transformation offerings witness significant improvements in efficiency, customer engagement, innovation capabilities, and risk management, thereby promoting operational growth and development. Echoing the government's vision for smart city development, the group has introduced a comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions across different industries. 

These solutions include "Smart Healthcare," which encompasses medical image analysis, assistance for healthcare professionals, improved medical diagnosis efficiency, and enhanced patient care experiences. "Smart Construction" supports the Smart Site Safety System (SSSS), enabling collision prevention and real-time AI-based construction site safety monitoring. "Smart Retail" integrates retail technologies to enhance brand image and revitalise experiences, incorporating features such as Geographic Augmented Reality (Geo AR) and immersive experiences, as well as ChatGPT virtual customer service. Additionally, there are "Smart Property" and "Smart Finance" solutions, along with energy management programmes supporting AI initiatives. These solutions aim to improve operational visibility, enhance customer experiences, and simultaneously pursue environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals.

AI has a significant influence on the development of HKT’s commercial businesses, and the group will continue to increase investment while remaining optimistic about the business prospects. HKT has always embraced emerging technologies. Beyond our offerings in AI, 5G, and IoT, we champion a culture of forward-thinking, encouraging teams to harness Generative AI. We take pride in introducing the "HKT Enterprise GPT" on our platform, enabling our team to confidently utilise ChatGPT 4.0.

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