Taking Site Safety to a Next Level

The Development Bureau of the HKSAR (DEVB) established the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) and commissioned the Construction Industry Council (CIC) as the implementation partner. The CITF funding aims to encourage innovations in construction and new technology applications to increase productivity, uplift-built quality, improve site safety, and enhance environmental performance.
To support the digital transformation in the construction industry, HKT | 1O1O introduced a 5G oriented Anti Crane Collisions Solution (also known as Construction Machines Crash Detection System in the CITF pre-approved list) to help optimize occupational safety in sites and facilitate construction project management.  

CITF fund Pre-approved List
Pre-approved Smart Site Safety System Solution of
Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF)  –
Construction Machines Crash Detection System (Ref: PA-391)
Leveraging innovative IoT sensing and 5G technology, the solution brings construction safety and project management processes to the next level. 5G’s low latency characteristic makes real-time kinematics and 3D modelling possible. It also empowers instant communication among the IoT sensors to measure cranes’ movement and direction and predict potential accidents, providing a real-time, immediate onsite alert to crane operators to avoid clashing. Crane activities are recorded and stored, enabling further analysis and investigation to prevent further risks in the future.  
Maximise Site Safety
Maximise Site Safety
Ensure Construction Productivity
Ensure Construction Productivity
The solution is designed for quick and easy deployment, a truly flexible and adaptable solution to deploy in any smart construction project. It was already used in MTR Shatin to Central Link and Chek Lap Kok sub-sea tunnel sites.